Saima was founded in 1925, with the aim of producing high quality, reliable machines for stuffed and fresh pasta.

A company in constantly evolving:

Initially our customers were shops that produced fresh pasta for retail sale as well as small and medium size artisan producers.

Over the years, Saima has been able to develop and improve its machinery working very closely with its customers, thus sharing their experiences and fully understanding their needs and expectations. We believe that this corporate policy and the knowledge handed down from generation to generation have allowed us to become one of the most renowned and well known brands in the world.


Equipment for artisan producers and the food industry

At the end of the 90s, Saima and Tecna became one company, thus combining experience with new design and manufacturing technologies for large capacity fresh pasta lines. We are therefore able to cover all production requirements, from artisan shops to ready-meal manufacturers, while maintaining the high level of quality that is synonymous with the Saima brand.

Production lines for the processing fresh pasta

Our machines include lines for the production and processing of paste and the "Vortex" cooking, washing and cooling system. Our skilled workforce has the necessary skills and experience to enable us to provide the high-level after sales service that customers demand and expect. We can find the best solutions and develop them according to your needs.