Vortex cleaning

The Vortex is designed for cooking, rinsing and cooling all types of long and short pasta, filled pasta, rice, vegetables and many other foods.


The Vortex is a flexible system for cooking, rinsing and cooling with a totally automatic cycle of operation according to custom recipe settings that, through the system of batch cooking, "is" able to achieve high production volumes within a very confined space.


We have a range of models for outputs ranging from 200 to 2500 kg / hour.


We distribute two different Vortex models in Italy and around the world:


  • Vortex Mono where all the sections are mounted on a single structure
  • Vortex 2 where the cooking and the rinsing / cooling sections are mounted on separate structures.

The second solution allows us to have a real separation between the high and low risk areas. Both models are offered with a wide choice of sizes / configurations for outputs ranging from 200 to 2500 Kg per hour.

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