Tecna srl produces and installs sheet pastas machines for industrial use, which produce sheet pasta, quickly, efficiently, and with great attention to detail. The slicing machine body is made in stainless steel and aluminium, and the high precision of each machine allows you to produce any kind of sheets. Tecna’s machines are perfectly created to respect all safety standards, and they can be combined with manual and automatic mobile kneading machines. The company, based in Bregnano, ensures it is up-to-date with the latest innovation in the sector, and ensures it produces only high-performance pasta sheet making machines that will satisfy every need in the large food distribution sector.

The importance of the Pasta Sheet Making Machine

Pasta sheet making machines allow you to customize the thickness of the pastry in a very precise way, making each sheet perfect for the production of different types of pasta. From ravioli to butterfly shape pasta, with the Tecna’s pasta sheet making machines , it is possible to produce large pasta sheets, in the desired thickness, in a short time with high quality standards. The machines offered by Tecna are versatile, practical, and suitable for the processing of different types of dough with a highly level of performance.

The pasta sheet making machine models available in Como

The CA 540-600 EL slicer is one of the models offered by Tecna and available in Bregnano and Como. The machine is equipped with an automatic cylinder, and produces cold, laminated, pasta. These can be wrapped in rolls or used in pasta machines for the production of ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, cappelletti and many other fresh pasta shapes.

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