For your purchase of professional ravioli machines, you can rely on Tecna: the company is involved in the production, installation and servicing of industrial scale machines, including ravioli making machines, for the production of high quality fresh pasta. Tecna only offer fast and efficient ravioli making machines that ensure careful and detailed processing, producing ravioli already stuffed with soft fillings, in the quantity needed for industrial production.

Tecna’s ravioli making machine

Tecna offers the production and installation of industrial sheet ravioli making machines, for double sheet ravioli, in different sizes. Our machines are made for large scale producers ensuring a rapid and continuous distribution of ravioli filling. The company produces a vast range of this type of machines. The RCA 540 C double sheet ravioli machine, for example, is entirely made of steel and allows for rapid production and easy cleaning. The RC 300 B and RC 300 AR ravioli making machines are both equipped with conveyors that automatically transport the pasta sheet along rollers to the pasta press, while the RCA 300 machine, offering a perfect closure technique, is best for ravioli filling that are more moist. All Tecna’s ravioli making machines require only simple maintenance.

Other models available in Como

Tecna also manufactures high quality fresh pasta manufacturers in Bregnano, Como. The R 265-320 D machine is both a ravioli and cappelletti making machine: aimed at professional and industrial use, the machine produces single-sheet ravioli and cappelletti with a filling of meat or vegetables.

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