For the production of fine products, it is best to use industrial machines with high technological feature with proven production in quality and quantity. Tecna, is the company that supply the prestigious range of pasta makers in all the province of Como. These machines are capable of making fresh pasta in every format. The industrial range provided by Tecna is suitable for the production of large quantities of fresh pasta and each machine can be customized and tailored according to the specific requirements of the customer. All machines are certified and have short delivery times.

The company's proposals

Tecna srl in Como, is a company specialising in the production, installation and after-sales service of industrial scale machinery for the production of fresh pasta in several forms. Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing kneading machines, pasta sheet making machines, ravioli making machines, tortellini making machines, slicers and gnocchi making machines. We also produce presses, dryers, filling pumps, pasteurizers, trimmers, coolers and cutting machines. All our products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements to assure the highest level of production.

The advantages of Tecna's industrial machines

Tecna produces and installs industrial scale pasta machines for use by large producers. Tecna’s machines are designed for large production quantities of gnocchi, tortellini, ravioli and pasta sheets, and for those wishing to produce in very large quantities without a drop in quality. Tecna’s pasta machines allow the production of fine fresh pasta in any shape.

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