Pasteurisation is a heating process that aims to minimise health risks and increase the conservation time compared to the fresh product, with minimum alteration to the chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics of the food.

It is followed by rapid cooling followed by correct packaging procedures to reduce the risk of recontamination.


Our experience combined with technological research has allowed us to optimise the pasteurisation process. The result is an absolute guarantee of quality for all shapes of pasta.


PEV 300

PEV300 pasteurisers



For wet heat processing (pasteurisation) of short and / or filled pasta and subsequent drying.


It is intended for fresh pasta producers of medium / large size for outputs ranging from 300 kg / h or higher.


The upper part contains the injected steam pasteurisation chamber while the the lower part contains the area for drying the product, integrated into the structure. This solution allows considerable saving in terms of space and energy over the traditional solution of the pasteuriser with in-line dryer.


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PV 300 - PV 600

PV300-PV600 pasteurisers



For the steam processing of short/filled pasta and continuous sheets. A blown steam heating system complete with stainless steel distribution coils consisting of: load-bearing structure in steel tubes with self-aligning, amortized, adjustable feet base plates - removable external panels - jointed mesh product conveyor belt with side driving chains with variable speed rollers driven by variable speed motor - insulated hood with mechanical lift for easy access to the pasteurisation chamber for cleaning and maintenance operations - plant built entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel .

Side panels and removable covers for access to the interior of the pasteuriser - fixed suction hoods for ejection of excess steam - complete with electric exhauster and probe control dampers for detecting temperature - heating batteries easily removable for maintenance.

Ventilated drying zone complete with steam heat exchanger with shut-off valve for temperature regulation. Scraper on the belt outlet for cleaning the net and ensuring product detachment - rotating shaft supports with anti-corrosion thermoplastic resin structure, complete with self-aligning watertight bearings - steam superheater to ensure the best performance and minimum consumption, achieving dry steam and higher temperature - electrical panel lectern with control equipment - framework and electrical system constructed according to current legislation.


These pasteuriser models are designed and manufactured according to the products to be treated and pasteurisation times for hourly production of 300 kg and above.


For further information please contact us directly.

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