Pasteurisation is a heating process that aims to minimise health risks and increase the conservation time compared to the fresh product, with minimum alteration to the chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics of the food. It is followed by rapid cooling and correct packaging procedures, in order to reduce the risk of recontamination.


Our experience combined with technological research has allowed us to optimise the pasteurisation process. The result is an absolute guarantee of quality for all shapes of pasta.


POD 100 – PSE 100

POD100 pasteurisers

We manufacturer pasteurisers for an hourly production of 50 and 100 kg according to the specific production needs of the customer.


We have injected steam, electric or gas burner models.


For further information please contact us directly.


PEV 150 - PEV 300

PEV150 pasteurisers

For wet heat processing (pasteurisation) of short and / or filled pasta and subsequent drying.


It is intended for small and medium producers of fresh pasta that want to adopt the pasteurisation process, already widely used in industry, for productions from 150 to 300 kg/h. The upper part contains the injected steam pasteurisation chamber while the the lower part contains the area for drying the product, integrated into the structure.

This solution allows considerable saving in terms of space and energy over the traditional solution of the pasteuriser with in-line dryer.


For further information please contact us directly.

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